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How to Break Into the Real Estate Market | SCORE

Breaking into the real estate market — that is, investing in real estate — is in many ways like starting any business. The first step is to educate yourself about the industry, think about what assets you can contribute and then decide how big a leap you want to make.

Sonny Kalsi Thinks It’s Time To Start Buying Again

Over the two-year period between the summers of 2015 and 2017, GreenOak Real Estate made almost no acquisitions in the United States. “We may have made two or three investments, we bought an apartment building at 54th Street and First Avenue and a couple of old industrial buildings in Long Island City with Related,” said GreenOak founder and partner Sonny Kalsi at the New York South Asian Real Estate Network event Tuesday evening.

GreenOak raises $1.6B for latest fund

The RE investment firm’s third fundraising effort is its largest yet GreenOak Real Estate raised $1.55 billion for its third American property fund, the company’s largest raise to date. The Midtown-based investment firm is targeting returns of 15 percent as it capitalizes on a renovation and repositioning strategy, Bloomberg reported.

4 Lessons Small Business Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Market Vendors

From the local farmer’s markets to gourmet food halls like NYC’s DeKalb Market Hall, market vendors are more than just a foodie trend — they’re an economic asset. In fact, market vendors are some of the most efficient small business owners in the world.