About GreenOak Real Estate

GreenOak is an independent, partner owned, real estate focused principal investing, lending and advisory firm.

GreenOak is a partner-owned, real estate investment management and advisory firm, founded in 2010. We operate a highly focused, global investment platform, pursuing independent, discrete strategies in the United States, Europe and Asia. Our senior team members have a long history of working together, creating an experienced and stable foundation for our platform. Throughout the firm, we emphasize cohesive collaboration across all levels and geographies to best serve our clients. Our primary focus is on making disciplined investments in markets where our deeply entrenched teams have 25 years of experience and using our in-house asset management expertise to create value for our clients.

Our Approach

Our dedicated regional teams target middle-market opportunities in gateway cities in the United States, Europe and Asia, where we believe we can increase value and produce strong unlevered returns. Our teams have extensive local knowledge in each target market and the ability to leverage their broad local, regional and global networks. We use our market knowledge and networks to source off-market opportunities where we see pricing discounts and market inefficiencies. We then seek to enhance value further by executing active asset repositioning, leasing, refurbishment and redevelopment strategies, with hands-on involvement in daily operations. We are an institutional asset manager, focused on serving our clients, with nimble regional teams to capitalize on the best market opportunities.